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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion
Hugh Owen’s Biography
Hugh Owen has written various articles about Earth expansion for well-known science publications like New Scientist, produced chapters for various geological books, taken part in the renowned debate, An expanding Earth?, held at the Geological Society of London in 1979, presented his evidence for expansion at the Expanding Earth Symposium held at Sydney University in 1981, an event attended by about 130 Earth scientists, and later published a full Atlas. Owen’s approach in the 1970’s and early ‘80’s to the problem of the mode and timing of the break-up of various parts of Pangaea was different to others who concentrated on physiographic fit and possible break-up patterns. He analysed the global ocean-floor spreading patterns and their dating; from them, the spherical geometric implications. He showed the need to correctly project map reconstructions as continents moved their positions in response to the growing oceanic crust, a failure in some reconstructions. Also, that latest Cretaceous to recent spreading was greater in the southern hemisphere than in the northern; the Earth retaining its rotational spheroid.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion