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Vedat Shehu’s Biography
Vedat Shehu is an Albanian America geologist. He received his doctoral degree as an engineering geologist from the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB) in Czechoslovakia in 1959, and in the course of his subsequent career was awarded with three labor prizes and a prize of the Republic. Furthermore, he defended the dissertation topic for the title of the doctor of geological science and then got the high title of the Research Lieder, equivalent to Professor. After three years working for ore research, he was subsequently engaged until his retirement in geological engineering research in the mountainous tectonic zones, mainly focusing on studies of rivers for hydropower stations, and other important constructions; he was also involved in other studies, such as landslides, earthquakes and hydrology, producing many varied scientific papers. Specifically, his concept that the Albanian ophiolite zone was formed through process similar to those along the rift valleys of oceanic ridges, causing oceanic crust formation, became the factor that led him to deal with the great problem of Earth’s internal energy and to determine a cosmic factor running as a kernel of the Earth’s core since the formation of the planetary system. He calls this interpretation Geotheory (of Growing Earth of the Cosmic Core Kernel Transformation) and has published it several times in various forms since 1988.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion