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Carl Strutinski’s Biography
Carl Strutinski (b. 1946) studied geological sciences at the University of Bucharest/Romania and received his Masters Degree in 1969. He worked for over 15 years in a geological enterprise prospecting and exploring, and then for almost 17 years at the Geological Institute of Romania. He was mainly involved in the study of metamorphic rocks and geotectonics. Beginning in 1987 and up to the present he published papers and longer essays including his dissertation (1997) on transcurrence processes in the lithosphere, regarding them as the primordial cause of orogeny. In doing so, he calls into question the basics of the plate tectonics theory, being a proponent of the theory of Earth growth. Since 2002 he has lived in Germany. He has been married since 1973 and has two daughters and four grandchildren.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion