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Dr. Ram Chandra Tewari’s Biography
Dr. Ram Chandra Tewari, MSc (Geology) -1974, University of Lucknow, M Phil -1977, PhD -1980, and D.Sc.- 2010 (Gondwana Geology), Aligarh Muslim University. He served Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. B R Ambedkar University and University of Lucknow as Associate Professor, and Macquarie University, Sydney and Osaka City University, Japan as Visiting Scientist/Professor. He has also delivered guest lectures at the Wollongong University, NSW, Australia, University of Malaya, Malaysia and Kumaon University, India on aspects basin analysis, and Gondwanaland tectonics and paleogeography. His interests are Basin Analysis specially Paleozoic and Mesozoic - stratigraphy and sedimentation, Global Tectonics and Geo-statistical models applicable in coal and hydrocarbon exploration, and Earth Modelling. He has credited 70 research papers in peer reviewed journals and a Book Monograph in Geological Society of America.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion