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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978 0 952 2603 49
Pages: 178
Publisher: Oneoff
Recommended Price: Out of print
Publication date: 11th September 2007

Available: Second hand copies may be available
Deceptive Bends
by Michael Psciuk
Book details
Things aren’t always what they appear to be in this collection of short stories. With elements of Sci-Fi, Comedy and Horror they explore the back roads and porous borders between reality and fantasy. Enjoy the ride.

Michael Psciuk is a Scottish writer living, not in the highlands of Scotland… but in the highlands of northern Thailand. His many previous published stories have appeared in various magazines and Web Sites.
BOOK REVIEW from Amazon reviewer Michael Watson
This is a collection of short stories each with a completely different central storyline. They show the skill of the writer in pitching us into both American and British scenarios; similarly, the stories range from tales of the past to visions of the future and time-travel. More details...

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BOOK REVIEW from Amazon Reviewer Benjamin Harrison
Merging horror and science fiction and set against otherwise ordinary situations, these short stories vary from the touching, to the quirky, to the gripping; there is a lot of variation between the individual stories (with no two being directly related), but there is something here for everyone. More details...

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