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Why did dinosaurs become so amazingly large? It’s a subject that has perplexed countless people for over a century. This book outlines a unique but strangely compelling answer to the riddle of the dinosaurs’ gigantic size.   Free Sample
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Reading is magical. It can transport you to another time or place, change your view of the world or inspire you with new knowledge. This is what we are seeking to achieve at – but have we succeeded? Read the free samples of our authors’ books to find out if we have published your ‘special book’ before you buy.
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Join a very young Ted Norman in 1943 as he pilots a B24 during World War Two bombing raids into Europe. Will Ted live to see the end of the war? Or should Ted reveal the secret that will cause him to be sent home?  Free Sample
Clouds Are Always White On Top
Things aren’t always what they appear to be in this collection of short stories. With elements of Sci-Fi, Comedy and Horror they explore the back roads and porous borders between reality and fantasy.
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It is the year 2016. The survivors of a catastrophic world war are struggling to re-build their lives but it becomes apparent that fate hasn’t finished with them as they fight their way back from the brink of extinction.
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Deceptive Bends
ebook - Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth
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